Suzi Shaw – Going Big in Colour!

Sometimes scanning through your collection of magazine scans you recognise a model in a shot you’ve not seen before. In this case it’s a very good colour shot of 1960’s UK model Suzi Shaw. The interesting thing is it appeared in a much later magazine Peaches Special No.2 (1975) along with a mixture of newer and older models all with one thing in common, big tits!

The sad thing is I recognised Suzi and the other models immediately plus it’s the only shot I have of Suzi in colour that’s of good quality. What a stunning shot of her laying on her side with those big full breasts exposed. I’ve corrected the orientation of the shot as in the magazine it was flipped 90 degrees anti clockwise so it filled the magazine page. I’m sure Suzi appeared in colour many times I have just missed them 🙂

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  1. You certainly don’t get many of those to the pound ( or is it now kilo?).

  2. Minolta you have to keep a breast of times.ha ha

  3. Staggering, and delicious, and to see those breasts pressing together with their natural weight, and perhaps it was warm in the studio, making the cleavage a little damp….. A powerfully erotic shot.

  4. More than a mouthful is more than enough.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen on a sad note there was a lovely girl who passed away this year.

    Susan SHAW who often posed and may have had and did have flings with James Hunt and also Rod Stewart.

    • That is sad news. However, I don’t think that ‘Susan’ is likely to be this ‘Suzi’. If you click on the names in the ‘tagged’ box above it will reveal all of the images on this site of ‘Suzi’. Scroll down the images and you will soon find ‘Susan Shaw’ aka ‘Gisa’, a completely different girl. I think ‘Suzi’ here is not the one who might or might not have had flings with Rod and James – with no disrespect to her, she would have been a bit old and not blonde enough for either of them. Susan, on the other hand, ticks all of the boxes and if the late ‘Susan’ is anyone it is most likely her.

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