Dawn & Lisa – Perky & Pointed!

Another shot of this perky duo of Dawn Grayson & Lisa Hamilton. Taken by Harrison Marks at Ewhurst this features both beauties posing on the front lawn with the driveway behind them as they perch on the white iron bench.

I love their slender bodies and perky little tits as they pose in the sun and Dawn’s hair looks so lush and red in this shot. Both have very similar bodies, but Dawn beats Lisa every time 🙂

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  1. Just asking: why does Dawn beat Lisa every time? I think your viewers and readers need an explanation.

  2. Just askin’!

    Would you place Dawn’s beauty above that of Cleo Simmons or Barbara Halks ?

  3. Without doubt Dawn is the all round package but when considering her
    “Parts” Lisa might just have the edge, for instance as a connesieur of small perky tits, but if you are a red head fan then of course there is no contest. I love them both.
    Any girl naked in the sun with a body like either and looking so happy gets my vote!

  4. A question of taste…. Each to their own — thank god, or no sensible girl would have looked at me twice.

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