Dawn – Sumptuous on the Sofa

The sumptuous Dawn Grayson at her best by Harrison Marks on the sofa at his flat. Sometimes it’s the simple things that appeal and seeing Dawn sat posing like that certainly works. 

I’ll leave you with this shot to ponder and enjoy as I head off for a week. No medical issues this time just a weeks break away in North Wales enjoying the scenery and weather! Enjoy and see you all in a week 🙂

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  1. Sofology at it’s Breast

  2. The incomparable Dawn Grayson!

  3. Enjoy your holiday. We moved from Cornwall to Snowdonia earlier in the year. Loving it up herein North Wales

  4. Lovely girl, a joy to look at.

    • Have a relaxing break, you are leaving us with the absolute best picture I have seen of Dawn. Simple but so relaxed and showing off her body and her smile to perfection.

  5. Barefoot from head to toe! A great shot of Dawn and her pert breasts.

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