It’s Pinky & Perky Time!

The beautiful Pinky Sands by Harrison Marks posing in the front room by the fireplace. Great slender figure and small perky tit on show. Would that make it Pinky & Perky 🙂

My Mum had a star clock like that as well and it’s probably in my loft and back in fashion now.

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  1. We had a stone fireplace just like that in the sixties and I had a wife with a body just like that, who would pose just like that! No star clock I’m afraid but otherwise some things definitely never go out of fashion.
    My favourite kind of model, young slim and naked. Yes, I like it.

  2. The bum is a little undernourished!

  3. She posed in several issues from Toco, and given that GHM did photograhic work for Toco, this may explain why several other Kamera models started from that direction.

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