Wanda Liddell – All That Shines Revisited

Revisiting a shot of Wanda Liddell from a restored 35mm colour slide set. The original shot I post was back in 2017 and not good quality. For some reason this set and several others taken at the same time at Jason Studio’s didn’t wear well over the years. They either ended up with a bad purple hue or very scratched and grainy. Thankfully I recently managed to get hold of this and 4 others from the same set that were in fairly good condition.

Lots going on in this shot of Wanda from her wig to the black PVC outfit and pink contrasting negligee or you may be distracted by her figure, thick pussy or silver background, but all with a great smile. 

I’ve also added Wanda to the Models Gallery, so members see all 5 slides from this set plus the other images of Wanda I’ve previously published 🙂

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  1. Miss Exuberance! A woman who really has it all and shows it all!

  2. I had a girlfriend with a bra like that – not PVC though! Great smile.

  3. Disconcertingly similar to my ex, but a lovely shot.

  4. What a terrible muff!

  5. I wonder – are there any photos of her ‘smooth’?

  6. Had a girlfriend with a muff like that. She said she didn’t have a pair of scissors in the house so just dive in.

  7. “Smile?” not the sincerest smile I’ve ever seen, not really smiling with her eyes. More like those plastic stitched-on practiced by airline hostesses, just for show, good teeth though.

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