Worth a Look!

Louise Worth by Harrison Marks posing nude on a big round seating area on the Hollywood set.

Taken in the mid 1960’s at Lily Place studio’s a great colour image of Louise showing off her body with two of the best bodies either side of her. They are of course sketches of two of the most famous GHM models Pamela Green and June Palmer, but which is which?

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  1. Who was the artist? Was GHM an artist too? They are pretty good to my eye.

  2. Big droopers with fried-egg nipples: not the most appealing of breast types. Still, not a bad pose.

  3. June Palmer on the right, Pamela Green on the left!

  4. I get right and left muddled all the time, but June Palmer is the subject of the drawing on the left of the photo — the model’s right — and Pamela Green is on the right of the photo. The poses are characteristic in each case, and the breasts. And what a lovely image of Louise Worth this is, with such subtle modelling and colouring of the flesh (I write as a struggling painter, often of life models).

    Have I got these the right way round? Time to double check….

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