A Ripping Unknown Model

Another new unknown model from a set of 35mm negatives sent over by Paul from Firebird Records. In this small set she’s posing topless in a pair of tight jeans that seem to be ripping at the seams. Another that I have no idea on name although she’s very appealing to the eye with a great pair of tits with puffy nipples. Also another model that likes to wear a headband similar to Eva Nieman, not sure she’s not wearing a wig though?

There are several sets of this model including 3 of this set that members can see in the models gallery. I’ve also added her to the unknown models gallery should anyone come up with a name for this beauty?

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  1. A winsome lass as you Britishers like to say (I’m from Canada)

  2. They look like amateur at home girlfriend shots to me but no idea who she is.

    Must be some time since sbk was in the UK as “winsome lass” has been replaced by “what a cracker” for some time now.

    • Forty-Four years to be exact. A little story. When I visited the UK in 1968 I toured Dover Castle. A working class Englishman told me the castle was built to keep the citizens of Dover in their place! A couple of days later and I was flying home from Gatwick. I met a member of the upper classes. She assured me that Harold Wilson was not of the class fit to rule!

  3. First glance Cleo Simmons sprang to mind

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