Ann Day – Offering Them Up!

The buxom Ann Day offering up her rather voluptuous tits as she kneels on the floor at Jason Studio’s. I have a mixture of black and white and colour negatives from this set all 35mm, but the B&W ones seem to have survived slightly better. Either way you see plenty of Ann’s big tits!

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  1. As we used to say – not too many of those to the pound!
    Anyone else thinks the old put u up makes the whole place look rather seedy?

  2. One of my brothers-in-law had a GHM film ‘Great Day’ featuring her. To cover her ‘modesty’ and satisfy censors, her ‘modesty’ was hidden behind a strip of fabric Elastoplast. It couldn’t have been comfortable removing it after shooting!

  3. Love to weigh them on a Green grocers scales.

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