Angela Lane – Afro Attitude!


A new Angela gracing the pages of this website with her first appearance. So introducing the slender form of Angela Lane from 1968 taken at Jason studio’s. I have around 10 35mm negatives of Angela all in different poses and what seem to be wigs, but this is my favourite.

I just love the ways she is posing astride that armchair, legs apart, but things being partially cover by that chain skirt contraption. Throw in the afro wig, big earrings and the pout and it’s a great little shot. Let’s not forget her slim figure and those small tan lined tits either. Another very natural model with a thick hairy pussy that is slightly obscured in this shot, which all adds to the pose I think 😉

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  1. A bit small but then again, who am I to judge?

  2. Im not Is that a wig?

  3. Now (as Pa Steptoe was wont to say) there’s skinny birds and there’s skinny birds.
    What she lacks in curves she more than makes up for in attitude however. I’m not entirely sure what the top set of tan lines were for however unless, as so many did then, she normally carried a set of spare socks or some cotton wool up there!
    I think we will have to take your word for the bush until further evidence comes to light.

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