Just Hanging About!


I found these shots just hanging around in my collection 🙂

No idea who the model is and they seem to be late 1970’s or 80’s based on the model and hair style. They are from a set of contact sheets, but the quality was far better than normal. The model looks familiar but no idea really who she is, but maybe that was what attracted me to the shots or maybe other things 😉


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  1. More and more bosom. I guess that’s why I like the site!

  2. D’yer know, that could be Margaret Nolan in disguise.

  3. Well, the last few are not really my style but you surely get plenty of bang for your buck!

  4. A shot in the dark but maybe a very early Toni Kessering, but then again, maybe not

  5. Did a search = Suzi Shaw – pretty close

  6. Looks a bit like Lisa De Leeuw

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