At Her Masters Feet!


Pamela Green at her magnificent best looking up at the camera from below. Or Harrison Marks looking down on the gorgeous Pamela Green, which ever perspective you like. You can just see GHM’s shoes and trousers in the bottom of the shot. As always a great shot of Pam laying amongst the various rugs with her bra pulled down to allow those nipples to poke out.

I like the title but very much doubt GHM was master to Pamela, as they were business partners as well as partners in life at one point. Pam had a lot of creative input to her shots and the business, so maybe it was her that really wore the trousers!


I’m going to try something new this year with a model of the week. Each week I’ll choose a model and try and post at least one shot of her each day, time permitting. Some models I have loads of images, so it will be easy others not so easy, so bear with me. So to start my ‘model of the week’ why not begin with the queen of Kamera herself Pamela Green across her career 🙂

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  1. I like the idea of a ‘model of the week’ – may I suggest you try and select some of the less well know shots of the most poplar models?

  2. That’s very demeaning to Pamela!

  3. An interesting idea, I look forward to seeing how it progresses.
    My girlfriend at that time had a bra like that and it didn’t take much for her nipples to pop out. Raising her arms was generally sufficient! It was a significant improvement on the underwear most girls wore which was usually purchased from M&S!
    GHM was a snappy dresser too I see! I have little doubt that their relationship was a partnership and Pam was always in control of how she would and would not pose.

  4. A great idea. And this shot is fabulously sexy.

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