Classic Doris!


Doris Hurst from a scan of another original silver gelatin print.

As I’ve said before I just love the look of Doris. A fantastic shot of her kneeling in black stockings and high heels with those big round tits proudly sticking out!

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  1. I wonder how old she was at the time of the photo. Back in the 1950s the hairstyles and make up tended to make young women look older than they were. Some of June Palmer’s early shots add years to her age for the same reasons. Meanwhile, back to Doris – an incredible figure! It would be nice to see ‘more of her’ – but I don’t suppose she posed for photos like that back then!

  2. I agree with what Billboard says regarding the hair and make up – they all looked like someone’s Mum!
    I know I was breast fed being a war baby but I don’t recall being presented with a pair like that to gorge myself on! What a lovely pair.
    Nice straight seams I see – very important to girls at the time I recall.

  3. Can’t help thinking the lighting is rather crude here and it does her head no favours at all with something painful under her nose and a chasm under her chin. Nice cuddly body though. You don’t say who the photographer was – I assume you don’t know?

  4. She has unusually broad breasts and very round, altogether quite demure.

  5. Yes, in a nice way. Pictures then tended to be less aggressive than today.

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