It’s Merle Time!


Another shot of Merle Henry by Harrison Marks posing in his living room. A beautiful pose from her as she looks off to one side, but giving us a full view of her body as a ceramic cat looks on!

Also another classic time piece on the wall in the background showing it was 12:35, but was it just past midday or midnight 😉

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  1. Was she pregnant.? Linea Nigra clearly visible. Great picture.

  2. There are times when visible stubble is more attractive than dead smooth – this is one of those times!

  3. Stunning looking model and a stunning pose

  4. Would be fun getting her pregnant. Lovely tits.

  5. There’s a lot of pussies in this picture!

  6. Yes and they need stroking lol

  7. Merle is French for ‘blackbird’, which may explain the cats.

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