Peters & Jayne


The dynamic duo of Terry Peters and Jayne Tracey posing at Ewhurst Manor. Taken by Harrison Marks with the retouched version being published in Kamera No.51 P47 (1963). Two stunning models with great figures, smallish tits and both perfectly smooth down below with just a hint of slit in this version.

This is the second shot of this duo I have in my collection with the first shot posted here. Classic GHM from the 60’s

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  1. Pity they are not sharing the chair. Great bodies.

  2. He always manages two girls without lesbian overtones. Not quite sure what they are doing though so I’ll just enjoy the view! Nice 60s figures both with pert tits. Nice!

  3. Personally, I like lesbian overtones, and by the way the brunette is looking at the blonde’s nipple, I shouldn’t be surprised if she did too!

    • I always knew there was a kinky side to you! Wouldn’t you rather be included rather than excluded from whatever it is they are going to do – or are you happy to just be an observer?

  4. Nice combination, pretty faces, smallish tits and smooth down below.

  5. Very lovely pair on both models!

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