Princess Pamela


Another view of the model of the week, this time a studio shot of Princess Sonmar Harriks by Harrison Marks. This was of course one of the characters created by Harrison Marks and Pamela Green who came up with this dark coloured Princess. The body although completely covered in boot polish is flawless in this shot, although as I’ve said I doubt you’d get away with that today!

A stunning studio shot and another side of Pamela Green for people to enjoy now and then.

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  1. He must have had a lot of fun applying the shoe polish to those hard to reach places!

  2. Princess Cherry Blossom surely?
    Black or white – or even tan, there is no hiding those superb curves.
    Would GHM really have used boot polish to achieve this look?

  3. More likely to have been stage make up.

  4. It is a very striking image. The name of Princess is a not very subtle anagram of Harrison Marks…

  5. The modern term is fake tan.

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