The Pamela Green Nude Posing Guide No.3 (1972)

The full and complete scanned version of The Pamela Green Nude Posing Guide No.1, including signed cover letter by Pam herself. I’ve also scanned the individual poses from the guide and will post a selection of my favourites soon 🙂

All images were taken by Douglas Webb and copyright remains with The Pamela Green website

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  1. You’ll have a hard time making those selections!

  2. I can’t wait to see which images you prefer. The letter is fascinating and takes me back to my youth when nothing was automatic and lighting was just one of a number of variables to be considered together with film speed aperture and shutter speed. Fun days. It also reminds me that nude photography was not just finding a girl who would undress for you, she had to know or learn how to pose. A great post. Thank you so much from an old timer whose memories you have boosted to something nearer absolute clarity than they have been for quite some while!
    Pamela of course was a very talented model who it must have been a joy to work with, inside or out.

  3. My thought too; but I thoroughly enjoyed Minolta’s post, which expresses much of what I feel (though I never photographed nudes, and these days I find myself painting them).

  4. Really interesting and helpful to read this, and the photos act as an inspiration for my own glamour photography to try similar poses and lighting on models.

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