June Palmer & The Spiral Stairway To Heaven

A different view of June taken on a spiral stairway in a leotard by Ed Alexander in 1966. This shot appeared in the Whitestone publication No.72 ‘English Glamour Models Photographed by Ed Alexander’ and was the only appearance of June in this publication.  Interestingly I’ve seen many other shots of June in this leotard posing on a car that seem to be taken at the same time, so maybe we can now attribute them to Ed Alexander?

Gloria Lomax – Good Things in Small Packages (Originals)

Sometimes some of my images come from the unlikeliest of sources, such as these shots of a blonde Gloria Lomax. All of these four shots came direct from Gloria herself from her own collection and are shots that I have never come across before, so only fair I should share them. We’ve been in contact before, but Gloria recently contacted me again after seeing a mutual friend had also been in contact and then sent on these shots.
I love posting images on this site, but getting stories and images direct from people involved just makes it even more interesting and worthwhile. A big thank you to Gloria herself for sharing these and I have afew more yet to post, with a promise of more to come 🙂

Rita’s Pink Pose – Kamera Special No.2 Cover (1958)

I got a superb copy of Kamera Special No.2 (1958) this week, with very few things wrong with it for a magazine that is 56 years old. The cover above features Pamela Green as Rita Landre in that very bright and tight pink corset! I even have an original copy of this image (reversed) that I published here. Look out for more posts from this coming soon!

June & The Broom Handle! (Original)

June posing in the studio with what looks like a broom handle as a prop! A beautiful studio shot and one of 65 shots taken of June by Stefan Glass, either in the studio or posing in different locations around a house, of which I have them all! My extreme gratitude must go to John W for sending me scans of his original negatives and contact sheets and allowing me to share them here.


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