Jayne Tracey’s Sheer Rear!

Another shot from over on Flickr from R Fitzgerald taken by his father this time of Jayne Tracey, but he has her named as Janice, so maybe that was her real name? A great shot of her posing in sheer white panties and top with what appears to be a long blonde hair extension. I seem to have a thing for sheer tops and panties on models back then, suppose it’s the tease of being able to partially see what was below!

Lorraine Burnett – The Bed Spread (Original)

Lorraine Burnett in a bed spread shot giving us an eyeful of her pendulous bosom. I think I preferred Lorraine when she had short blonde hair rather than her more natural darker look. Thanks to Kevin for sharing this shot 😉 

Tiffany’s Kinky Boots (1968)

Just loving this shot of Tiffany St. Clair (Pam Arnold) from Fiesta Vol.2 No.2 (April 1968) in those shiny black high boots! What a view as she sits on the dressing table looking at you from the reflection in the mirror.

A Medley of Unknown Models!

An assortment of unknown models photographed by Harrison Marks and appearing in different publications more than once!

Kathleen Cooper

Kamera Special No.2 (1958)
This oriental model appears in numerous early glamour publications including Kamera Special No.2 & Model No.14, but who is she?
Doris Hurst

Finally an unknown model sent through from Phil D, no idea where it came from or who she is, but a cracking figure and bosom on display, so would love to find out more?
I’ll add them to the unknown models page, which is growing bigger and bigger, but if you can ID any of them leave a comment.

Another June by Bob Robson (Original)

Another shot of June by Bob Robson from the late 1950’s restored from a purchased original negative. Unfortunately this was as good as I could restore the colours, as again the actual negative was faded and had a very bad magenta hue to it, so not a bad effort! Still a little on the magenta side and the highlights are blown out on her face and shoulders, but still a great shot of a younger June. A black and white conversion below as a comparison.

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