June in Open Blouse (Coloured)

The latest coloured version of a June Palmer shot from Oldiznewagain, this time a closer shot of June with her blouse open.  The original version on it’s own works well as black and white, but the colour does add another dimension, but I’m not sure this one works as well as some of the others. Personally I think the blouse should have remained white and the lips seem too red to me. Easy for me to say and critique as I wouldn’t have the patience or skill that Oldiznewagain does to colour some of these shots 🙂

Update: So apparently great minds think alike and Oldiznewagain had a second version of this image and was torn between the two!  His second version below, which to me looks more natural.

June The Bookworm (Original)

Another stunning original from the John W archives. This time a beautiful looking June in an open black baby-doll nightie revealing her boobs and sat beside a set of Encyclopædia Britannica’s. Both would be priceless today! Date and publication unknown, unless John can enlighten us?
I keep saying it, but Thanks to John for continuing to share his exclusive June archive with me for this site 🙂
Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Double The June!

A double exposure of June taken at Ewhurst Manor by Harrison Marks and probably published in Kamera or Solo, but reprinted in Nouvelle Serie De Revue No.46.  This edition of Revue had no less than 13 images of June, including a triple exposure of her standing by the big wooden front door at Ewhurst.

A Bathroom Pose From June



June posing as she puts her hair up in anticipation of taking a bath.  Not a new image, but much better quality and directly from the pages of New Kamera No.1 in 1969.  This was Harrison Marks attempt to restart Kamera with more riskier new shots interlaced with some of his older work such as this.  This was the only appearance of a June image in this edition.