Sigrid by Edmund

The beautiful and big busted Sigrid Bachman by Edmund Leja. Fabulous shot with the use of natural lighting from the window to show off Sigrid’s curves and big tits! From a set of original contact sheets featuring over 40 shots of her 🙂

Barbara Peckinpaugh – Front & Rear!

Another two shots of the stunning US model Barbara Peckinpaugh. Taken by US photographer Edmund Leja in 1980 from a set of original contact sheets in my collection. I seem to have a thing for showing doubles of Barbara, as both shots are rather nice. She was quite a beauty with a fabulous figure and I love the freckles across her top and shoulders.

Members get to see the second rear view shot of her kneeling bent over a sofa as she looks back at the camera. Plenty to see from that angle 😉