Gina Martin – Beautiful Britons No.83

Gina Martin or (Tina Graham, Gina Graham, Christine Cater or Chris Williams, take your pick) on the cover of Beautiful Britons No.83 (October 1962). What I didn’t realize or make the connection was that Christine was married to Ken Williams the photographer, hence the name Chris Williams, doh!
I love the BB or Spick and Span covers and the attempt (sometimes bad) to colour a black and white photo for the cover, such as this cover of Gina. Still it gives it a certain uniqueness and appeal now.

June & The Broom Handle (Coloured)

Catching up on the coloured versions of June by Oldiznewagain and this is another cracker of June by Stefan Glass coloured. Perfect skin tones and love the details in this like the pink toe nail polish 🙂

Original for comparison … Here


Flashing Fishnets It’s Robyn! (1950’s)

The model known as Robyn photographed by Harrison Marks in a cheeky pose flashing her fishnets as she adjusts a suspender below her petticoat. A classic 1950’s beauty with very large puffy areola on display and restored from a scan of a silver gelatin photograph.