Maria Prokaine – The Girl Who Wanted To Live Dangerously!

Maria Prokaine (Marie Provost) from the tri-coloured pages of Parade Magazine No.1228 (22nd June, 1963).  All shots look like they were taken on the stairs or in the main doorway of Ewhurst Manor, still not sure about the beehive hairstyle she has though!

Kamera Calendar 1963 (July – Dec)

The final part of the Kamera Calendar 1963 … Enjoy!

July – Margaret Nolan

August – Marie Deveraux

September – Princess Sonmar H’Arricks (Pamela Green)

October – Yamille

November – Angela Jones

December – Pamela Green

Terry Peters

Terry Peters from Kamera No.50 (1963) at Ewhurst.  She also appeared in Kamera No.51, No.54 and No.80 as well as Solo No.31 and Kamera Specials No.3, 4 and No.5. Terry was not as used by GHM as other models and only seems to appear in a shoot at Ewhurst on her own and including Jayne Tracy, 1963 Cornwall shoot and stills from her only glamour film appearance ‘Terry Peters’.