A Smooth & Slender Kitchen Beauty (Original)

Another stunning beauty this time with a beautiful slender body, small perky tits with slightly puffy nipples and a perfectly smooth mound. Taken by Harrison Marks on the Cinderella set I think this is actually Georgina Michele with a beehive hairstyle and fake beauty spot, but I’m not 100% sure. Looking at her figure and other parts they sure look the same, so could well be her 🙂


Georgina – Pointed Beauty! (Original)

Another shot from the set of images by Harrison Marks of the model he only named as Georgina, but was in fact Georgina Michele. Posing in the studio this is the second shot of Georgina from this set, with the first one posted here. She certainly was a slender model with very small perky tits and with very pointed and raised areola, but a very peachy bottom as well!


Georgina – Bare or Hair? (Original)

Two original contrasting shots of the model known as Georgina sent over by Kevin. The first shot was taken by Harrison Marks and shows Georgina posing in the studio, uncensored and showing off a cleanly shaven and smooth pussy. The second shot by  an unknown photographer of her posing in someone’s front room is again uncensored, but this time she’s sporting a very natural look and a thick covering of hair all over that pussy.

Both shots are fabulous, but I can’t decide which look I prefer on her, so hair or bare?


Just Georgina! (Original)

Everyone sees an image differently and scanning and editing original negatives is no different. What I think works with contrast, colours and sharpness may not be to everyone’s taste, but that’s why we’re all different! This image is a good example, as it came from an original scan of a negative by Kevin using a wet scan, which uses fluid on a flat scanner to remove scratches and imperfections from the image (go look it up!). I then took it and enhanced the colours, focus and crop to give the results above, not a bad effort I would say! Kevin has also posted his version over on Pinupmemories here, which as you will see is un-cropped and not as enhanced as mine, but equally as good, just a different view!

Going back to the image itself, it’s taken by Harrison Marks and the name on the negative was just Georgina, so no idea who she is other than that,if that was indeed her name?

Update: Thanks to Kevin the model is Georgina Michele and I’ve even posted on this site before here. As I said in my reply to many names and faces to remember them all, or too many different body types 🙂