Jean Belvin – Klix No.1 Cover (1950’s)

Jean Belvin on the cover of Klix Magazine No.1 from the late 1950’s. Jean also posed for Harrison Marks in some of the first Kamera magazines, as well as many other popular glamour publications. I only have a copy of the cover unfortunately, as I am curious as to what the free gift offer was?


Jean Belvin – A Highlighted Profile (Original)

A restored silver gelatin photo of Jean Belvin giving us a great profile side shot of her face and classic 1950’s hairstyle as she sits and poses nude for the camera. I don’t think the image has been retouched and looking closely I believe she was smooth down below, but the curve of her inner thigh looks odd? Probably just the way she was sat and it takes nothing away from the rest of shot of Jean.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice


Jean Belvin Revealed! (1958)

This model or her name has been frustrating me since I started this blog a few years ago and the shot below was one of the first image restorations that I did.  She’s been on my unknown model list as No.4 for a long time, that is up until now thanks to Jeff.

Jeff has now identified the model as Jean Belvin, who not only appears in Kamera No.11 (1958), but other early Kamera publications such as Kamera Special No.2 (1958) and Toco magazines and Carnival Magazine (June 1958) as sent through by Jeff below

Jean Belvin-01

Thanks Jeff, another frustrating unknown model identified 🙂