A More Revealing Annette Johnson

A more revealing and risqué shot of Annette Johnson posing in front of a fireplace giving us a complete view of her body, including her smooth pubic region. A great shot, but I’m not sure the photographer realized about the plaster on her big toe or forgot to retouch it out!

A Sultry Looking Annette Johnson

Annette Johnson in long dark wig on a seaside set by Russell Gay. Annette had so many different hairstyles, wigs under so many different pseudo-names it’s easy to miss a shot of her, but this is definitely one of her from the 1950’s glamour book.

Annette Johnson – A Blonde in White High Heels

I must admit that although Annette Johnson was very popular through-out her career in the 1960’s and beyond and appeared in numerous publications I’m not a big fan! Saying that the above image is probably one of my favourites of her and I much prefer her early stuff with GHM than some of the later images. There are also some great images of her by Ed Alexander and I have a thing for blondes, so prefer her as above when she had the long blonde hair.

This images comes from Lenz No.3 and was taken by Ken Williams and she sure had a great pair of legs on her!

A Medley of Models

Here’s a new one to me from the pages of Mayfair Magazine Vol.1 No.4 (December 1966) a line up of well know 1960’s models. Unless I am mistaken from left to right we have Lee Southern (Grace Jackson), Dawn Grayson, Teri Martine, Unknown, Bobby Shaw and finally Annette Johnson. Sorry I can’t place the lovely in red, but she looks familiar, but not a regular on here, anyone put me out of my misery and name her?
Thanks must go to Dasduffer over on VEF for scanning and sharing this, along with some new Dawn Grayson and Teri Martine material from early Mayfair issues, which I hope to share here soon.