Judy Geeson & Sandy Morrow – The Perfect Rear Guard!

Three shots of Judy Geeson and Sandy Morrow from restored silver gelatin photo’s and from a set of 12 images of them both stripping out of their clothes down to just stockings and heels.

These two don’t have the most voluptuous of figures compare to some models and both have small perky tits, but both have cracking rear ends! Especially Judy as hers looks particularity rounded, almost heart shaped as her waist goes inwards. I know if I was presented with that rear view I wouldn’t say no!


Sylvana Manto – Nubile Nude (Original)

An outstanding image of Sylvana Manto (Madelaine Bannister) stood nude with her hands on hips from a restored silver gelatin photo. Here you get to see all of Sylvana, including her well developed bosom and perfectly smooth nether region. she had a very nasty scar just below her belly button, which in some shots is seen, but others carefully hidden. Either way what a fabulous figure on full view!

Thanks as always to Girlymag for sharing this image of Sylvana with the site and he’s just listed loads of new prints including this one over on eBay.


A Trio of Beauties (Original)

Now here’s an interesting collection! A set of six cards (3 more coming soon!) featuring a trio of models with their height and vital statistics. These were again sent over by Tony, who was wondering what they were used for?

I’ve never seen these before, but my best guess was that they were index type cards produced to either to show off models for customers wanting to buy photo sets of their favourite models. Or index cards used to promote models for hire with photographers, which would make sense with having the statistics on the cards. What do you think?

Some very familiar faces (and figures!) on these cards and a few I didn’t know, such as Shelly Davis. Thanks again to Tony for sending over the copies and I think he’s going to be putting the whole set up on eBay soon, so look out for them if your interested.


June Palmer – Animal Print Panties (Original)

It seems that these shots of June in animal print panties posing on the set with the bamboo cane wallpaper were very popular! From various sources I now have 16 colour prints and at least 16 different black and white prints. The latest shot above comes from another member Tony, who is selling 6 of these prints over on his eBay site, but kindly sent me copies or my collection. My growing collection of June in these panties that I’ve posted so far can be seen here

Another stunning shot of a young June with thanks to Tony 🙂


Geraldine ‘Sequin’ Garner – Double Delight! (Original)

I love a good reflection shot especially if it involves boobs and nakedness and this is a good one of a young Geraldine ‘Sequin’ Garner (Geri Tamburello). She doesn’t really fit on this blog, other than a model from the 1950’s and 60’s, but I have several original prints of her, along with several like this one sent over from Kevin. Anyway, she had fabulous curves and tits and in some of the more riskier shots I have a gloriously lush pussy, so why not share some shots of her here 🙂


Note: This image is from an original print and subject to this copyright notice.