Ann Wilson – Saturday Sue

Saturday Sue (Ann Wilson) in the bath from the pages of Gentleman Magazine (January 1965). Two wonderful shots of Ann posing in the bath, although the colour shot shows off the gaudy colour scheme of the bathroom too much for my liking! Also there must have been a male living in the house where these were taken, as a classic bottle of Old Spice can be seen on the window ledge of the top shot!

June Palmer – Bubble Bath (Video)

Let’s start the week with a film rather than the photo’s and this one is a rather delicious one too of a young June taking a bubble bath as the title implies! This 8mm cine film was part of a collection of ‘The best of June Palmer’ films, which included four films on one reel including Cutie parts 1 and 2, Feminine Female and Bubble Bath.  These were all 50ft shorts, but who filmed and produced them is not clear, but I’ve included the box cover below.

Anyway onto the film itself and 3:42 seconds of a nude June enjoying herself and covering herself with bubbles and taking a ‘Bubble Bath’ in an old style tin bath and all in colour!

A big thanks must go to Gav (gpgoogle) for converting and sharing this film of June and also for allowing me to share it here on this site for everyone to enjoy!  I think Gav added the accompanying music, which isn’t bad 🙂