Pamela Green & The Fan Dance (1959)

A made up Pamela Green performing the fan dance on stage from the pages of Kamera Backstage (1959) and very similar to this early shot of Marie Deveraux. I’m not sure in this shot if Pam was naked or she was wearing flesh coloured panties that were later retouched out!

Erica Backstage (1959)

The unforgettable (well her figure anyway!) Erica posing backstage as a stage hand reads a paper! The guy must be blind or had bromide slipped in his cup of tea to be ignoring that view!

I also recently found an uncensored shot of Erica in another publication, so will have to scan and publish that soon 😉


Eve Eden from Kamera No.11 (1958)

I’ve published a coloured version of this shot of Eve Eden by Oldiznewagain here, but never had a good copy of the original black and white version until now. This shot of Eve was by Harrison Marks and comes from Kamera No.11 (1958) and was published on page 30. Such a classical look on her looking straight at the camera and loving those curves and hips!