More June on Glass (Coloured)

Following on from my post yesterday of more June on Glass Oldiznewagain has done a quick turn around and coloured one of the shots 🙂 As always a cracking effort on getting the colours right, the only minor thing is the eyes as they don’t look quite right and look a bit dull compared to the other colours?

Ann Austin – A Lovely Pair of Plumped Pillows on The Sofa (Coloured)

It’s time I caught up on some of the great coloured shots from Oldiznewagain as they are stacking up and I know he has more coming! I’ll start with the coloured plumped pillows of Ann Austin and again Oldiznewagain nails the colours for the background 🙂

June in Garters & Stockings (Coloured)

Another wonderful colourization of an early June image from Oldiznewagain, this time a clothed image but of her flashing her garters and stocking tops. Love the matching yellow garters and top in this shot and the consistence of colours in the blanket, which also appears in these coloured shots. Original black and white version below for comparison.