June & The Saloon Door (Original)

An original but this time from Minimunster andĀ of a nude June entering through some saloon doors! Taken in the 1960’s this set includes several variations using the saloon door, including June with a cowboy hat and guns. I think the phrase ‘don’t shoot’ would be a little late seeing June enter like this šŸ™‚


June Palmer by Mark Blanton

Time for some original artwork! I’ve published black and white images of June coloured by Oldiznewagain, which takes skill, but these go one further and are original drawings of June. Both were drawn and then coloured by Mark Blanton and these images along with his other fantastic drawings can be found over on his deviantART page

The bottomĀ image is MarksĀ original graphite drawing and from the comments on his page, he then carefully coloured that drawing digitally. Ā Both are fantastic and capture June and the way she posed magnificently and well worth sharing on here.

Thanks to Yak from the Pamela Green site for finding and sending them on to me and a big thanks to Mark for the fantastic June artwork šŸ™‚


June In Gem Magazine (1980)

June appearing in the pages of Gem Magazine (October 1980) under the dubious heading on the cover – A Trip Down Mammary Lane with June Palmer Great Pinup Queen of the 60’s! Ā The cover and centrefold of the same magazine featured Mary Waters and her huge Boobs, both of which (including those huge tits!) can be seen here.


An Older June Palmer – Black Stockings & Scarf (Original)

The start of a great set of an older June from the 1980’s posing in just a scarf and black stockings. Ā Her figure always amazes me every time I see it, even in her later years as it filled out more. Sporting a very 80’s hairstyle in this set and wow what a magnificent pussy on full view, always a pleasure seeing more of that view of June!

More from the ‘Black Stockings & Scarf’ set coming soon!


Note: This is an original image and subject to thisĀ copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.