Dawn Grayson – Perfect Sofa Pose (Coloured)

My collection of Dawn Grayson images grows by the day, but you can never have enough of her, so it’s about time Oldiznewagain did a coloured version of one of here images 🙂 the red of her hair and the blue of her eyes in this representation look almost perfect and he never seems to go wrong with his choice of background colours.  I must send him some of my Dame originals to colour to see how they come out, as I know he does requests from others if you look at his site.

The original post featuring the black and white version can be found here and it’s also the same sofa as the my previous post with Caroline Coon on!


Joanna in Sheepskin Heaven! (Original)

The fourth shot from a set of 8 of June posing in long blonde wig at Scotlee studios in the 1970’s.  This one has her kneeling in the middle of the sheepskin rug as she looks off right away from the camera.  A great pose that shows June’s body was still as good as ever in the 1970’s, with a hint of bush for good measure.  The other shots published so far from this set can be seen here and will be appearing as a new gallery shortly.


Note: This is a scan from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.


June & The Grapefruit Wallpaper (Coloured)

A coloured version from Oldiznewagain of June posing on the now familiar set at Scotlee studio’s with the purple chaise lounge and psychedelic wallpaper in the background. Looking through my vast archive of June images I don’t think I have the original of this shot, although I do have others that look to be from the same set.

What struck me about this shot and seeing it coloured was I realized what the wallpaper reminded me of, grapefruits or melons cut in half! Oldiznewagain has also got the colour of the purple chaise lounge spot on, but I wouldn’t have expected anything else from him 🙂


June Palmer – Stairway Heaven! (Coloured)

A wonderful coloured version of my original post of June nude on the stairway and particularly like the blue of the sheet hanging from the bannister and it’s sheen. Thanks to Oldiznewagain for the great colour version.