Erica – A Busty Sheer View (1966)

A very erotic shot of Erica from Kamera Winter Special P42 (1966) on the loft set by Harrison Marks. I’m loving the corset and fishnets, but for me it’s the sheer blouse and the way you get to see those beautiful big tits through the material that make this shot. Although published in 1966, I suspect this shot was taken much earlier, probably 1959 around the time her Solo appearance was published?


Erica’s Floral Recline (Original)

A second shot of Erica by Harrison Marks from another restored silver gelatin print sent over by Girlymag, as she lays naked on the edge. From a small set of 5 prints of Erica I have, which I’d never seen before until now, but superb quality.


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.