Tina Graham on The Doorstep in 3D

It’s been ages since I posted a 3D image, so to rectify that here is one of the lovely Tina Graham (Christine Carter).  This one shows off the lovely figure of Tina sat on the doorstep of the cottage at Ewhurst Manor with those long legs and tits popping out at you in glorious 3D!

Nice Negligee Darling!

I came across the first photo over on Tumblr and thought I recognised it as young Britt Hampshire, but was unsure of the photographer until I saw the negligee and recognised that too!

A Young Britt Hampshire in See-Through Black Negligee (Source: Retrogirly)
Eh Up I recognise That Negligee! Jayne Tracey in The Same See-Through Negligee Outside The Cottage Front Door at Ewhurst by Harrison Marks!
I personally think Jayne Tracy fills out and looks better in the negligee!

Rusty Gaynor – She Walks in Beauty

Two shots of Rusty Gaynor from She Walks in Beauty.  both shots seem to be at Ewhurst Manor, with the top shot being in the garden and the bottom shot being outside the front door of the cottage at Ewhurst, a favourite spot!