Margaret Nolan – Knight Magazine

A shot of Margaret Nolan taken sat on a windowsill in Ewhurst Manor in those distinctive striped trouser pants that have appeared in several other photo sets.  This image was published in Knight Magazine Vol.5 No.8 and another beautifully posed shot.

Maria Prokaine – The Girl Who Wanted To Live Dangerously!

Maria Prokaine (Marie Provost) from the tri-coloured pages of Parade Magazine No.1228 (22nd June, 1963).  All shots look like they were taken on the stairs or in the main doorway of Ewhurst Manor, still not sure about the beehive hairstyle she has though!

Tina Madison at Ewhurst

A nude Tina Madison posing at Ewhurst Manor in a drawing/reception room. 

I believe this room is directly to the right as you come in through the front door and look up the stairs.  The room itself isn’t very wide and consists of a fireplace (which you can just see), with windows and a high backed bench either side of it.  This room can be clearly seen at the end of the glamour film ‘Flesh & Fantasie’ (Nightmare at Elm Manor) when June Palmer is leaving the manor and enters this room to see people sat either side on the benches and a ghoul faced Stuart Samuels.