Ann Austin Through The Bay Window!

This is the 7th shot of this set of Ann Austin in and around Ewhurst Manor I’ve found and each one is equally as good!  This time posing in one of the bay windows at Ewhurst with the roses in the foreground.  A fantastic set of which you can see all the shots so far … here.  I wonder how many more there are?

June Palmer – Pix Magazine (High Res)

A beautiful image in high resolution of June Palmer from Pix Magazine Vol.2 No.5, Page 2.  Providing another internal shot of Ewhurst, as you can just see the driveway through the window and that vase appears in other shots around the house! Scanned from John W’s own private collection and restored by me 🙂

Terry Peters

Terry Peters from Kamera No.50 (1963) at Ewhurst.  She also appeared in Kamera No.51, No.54 and No.80 as well as Solo No.31 and Kamera Specials No.3, 4 and No.5. Terry was not as used by GHM as other models and only seems to appear in a shoot at Ewhurst on her own and including Jayne Tracy, 1963 Cornwall shoot and stills from her only glamour film appearance ‘Terry Peters’.