Ewhurst Uncovered – Part 2

Anyone that visits the pages of this blog regularly will know I’m fascinated with not only the images of GHM and others from the 1960’s, but also the background behind them.  One of my recurring themes has always been ‘Ewhurst Manor’, how it was used, but more specifically what the place looked like and the layout.

My original article about Ewhurst uncovered is here and looks at the location then and now, I followed that up with the Caper article and now I’ve found another in depth (well more images!) article!

This was published in Hi-Life magazine Vol.5 No.9 (August 1964) and included this Ann Austin article … here.

It reuses a lot of the imagery for the Caper article, but adds further insight into the layout, general frontage of the house and who used it.

Three great shots of Ewhurst and one of Mrs Clifford tending her garden and a view of the patio on the side of the main house.

A page of colour shots including Jayne Tracey and the photographers Ken Williams and she pops up again here, Doris Weems!  It looks like again most of this imagery was used in the caper magazine, but does show a few different shots of Doris shooting Jayne on the front doorstep and inside.

Angela Jones also makes an appearance in this article, again being photographed by Ken Williams at the cottage door and gardens, along with another unknown model.

Finally, more GHM making his film on the driveway and front lawn of Ewhurst, before tea is taken with a couple of models including Vivienne Warren.  The narrative on this part makes me laugh as it refers to GHM as the ‘Head cameraman of the crew’.  All the images for this article were taken by Ed Alexander, but he doesn’t actually appear as far as I can see.

So all in all another good article about Ewhurst, with some new views of the house I’ve not seen before and better quality images of Doris Weems.  All of which adds more information around Ewhurst, it’s layout and how it was used.

The more I read and find out about Ewhurst, the more I wish the place still stood as I’d be there like a shot to have a look round!

So, any more articles about Ewhurst out there?  Do let me know if any more exist and I’m a member of the Ewhurst group on Yahoo, so know what’s on there 🙂

The full sized scans of the documents can be found … here