Items for Sale (eBay)

If anyone is interested I also sell some of my original slides and negatives over on eBay. I’m currently selling various Esquire slides including several of Eve Eden, Sylvana Manto and others. All are sold at a reasonable starting price and postage, with all funds from sales going back into the site.

You can find the link to my eBay page here


Items for Sale/Auction

Over the years I’ve collected a huge archive of original prints, negatives and contact sheets for the site, but now to make space and raise funds I’ve decided to sell off some of my collection.

All items will generally be sold over on my eBay account, but will be listed a few days before on this site. Should anyone wish to make me a reasonable offer for any item before it’s listed I will of course consider it with members getting priority. All items will be listed on eBay on a Monday for 5 days and you can find my eBay page here.

Each category below will link to a gallery of images of the items being sold. No link, then nothing in that category is being sold this week 🙂



Contact Sheets

GHM Cine Films for Sale!

As I posted here I’ve recently purchased two 400ft reels of Harrison Marks 8mm Cine Films featuring 4 different films, two on each reel. Well I’ve now had them all digitally converted and no longer need the actual cine reels, so I’ve decided to sell them over on eBay. The reels for sale are:

Reel 1 – The Casting Couch & Cous-Cous on sale here.
Reel 2 – Maid to Satisfy & Amorous Masseur on sale here.

I’ve included some screen captures from 3 of the films below including several that may not have been appropriate for eBay! I’ve not included the Amorous Masseur as I’ve already posted a full version of that film here, although my new copy is much better quality than that one.

They are for sale until next weekend and if anyone from the site bids and wins please do let me know 🙂


The Casting Couch

Maid to Satisfy

Kamera – Duplicated Editions

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Over my time collecting Kamera I have also collected several duplicates, as listed above. All copies are in good condition or above, complete with all pages flat and intact. If anyone is interested in one of these I’d consider swapping for one of the Kamera editions from my missing list?

Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly via the Contact Me page if you have any questions or want to know any more details?

Selling Some Things Off!

I’m selling some things off over on eBay to top up the funds for new items, so if anyone is interested go take a look.  Only a few things at the moment, but may well add some further things later this week.  Covers below of the current items for sale (edited) and condition of the actual magazines is described over on eBay … Here.

Any questions give me a shout!