Diane Hedges – All Hair & Frilly Knickers (Original)

A restored 1950’s silver gelatin photo of Diane Hedges posing with her arms above her head wearing just a pair of frilly knickers. It looks like she had short hair at this time, which would align with other shots I have of her, but for some reason the photographer has added a long hair extension! Thanks to Girlymag for sending over this shot of Diane.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice


June Palmer – A Tight Fit!

A restored print of June Palmer in fishnet tights posing against the backdrop of some familiar bamboo wallpaper. Thanks to Girlymag for the scan of this photo of June, along with a couple of others from the same set.


An Unknown Handful! (Original)

This shot has been annoying me since Girlymag sent it over wondering if I could identify the model. It’s a fantastic shot of a model I’m sure I recognise and the quality of the print itself is very crisp and clear, but god it’s annoying me that I recognise her, but can’t name her! I’m convinced she’s been in QT or similar publication, but I’ve looked through all my collection and I’m damned if I can find her. Somebody put me out of my misery and name her, please!

Update: Thanks to member djacks who has identified her as Diane Watson 🙂


Rosina Revelle – Don’t Call Me Baby!

I mentioned in my last Rosina post about a set of curious silver gelatin photo’s of her posing dressed in a nappy in a babies cot, well here’s one of those images! You can only just see the nappy she’s wearing in this shot, but in others it is more obvious and that’s definitely a cot! The reasons behind this idea I’ll leave to everyone’s imagination, but thanks to Girlymag for sending over more of this bizarre set.


Nancy Roberts – Monte Carlo or Bust! (Original)

Let’s face it, if you get down as far as Monte Carlo with Nancy Roberts you are already onto a winner! A great shot of Nancy posing on the sofa in a very interesting set of themed panties and I wonder what location is placed lower down between her legs 😉

This restored silver gelatin photo was sent over from Girlymag, who has just put up a new listing of photo’s for sale of some of your favourite 1950’s and 60’s glamour models, so worth a look here. And thanks to him for sending this and other shots over for me to share on this blog 🙂