June Palmer – Highlighted on Black (Original)

A second shot from the ‘Nude on Black‘ series from John and this time a different view than the norm, as in a rear view! Most images tend to focus on the obvious front views of June, but this shot of June from behind is a stunner! The way June is kneeling with her feet tucked under her and the use of lighting just highlights a wonderful view of her beautiful bum in this shot, so shapely and round and a rear view worth looking at you will agree!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.


The Sleek & Elegant June Simpson (1959)

Another wonderful shot of June Simpson posing for Harrison Marks wearing the daisy earrings from Kamera No.20 P20 (1959). A simply stunning pose with that long blonde hair and daisy earrings and probably from this set, including one of my own original colour negatives.


Maria Clarence – Highlighted Freckles (Original)

When I saw this image sent through by Kevin I knew I couldn’t resist editing and posting it straight away! It’s such a beautifully posed and lit shot of Maria Clarence that I instantly like it. The lighting source from the right highlights Maria’s face, thighs and boobs perfectly, along with the freckles on her shoulder.  Add into the shot the shadows showing the curve of her stomach and the reflection on her thumbnail and the shot works for me at every level. A perfect shot of Maria thanks to Kevin!