Brides in The Bath – Part 1 (Video)

So as promised the full version of ‘Brides in the Bath’, well part 1 anyway, as I needed to keep the file size down for hosting!
This film was based loosely around the true life story of serial killer and bigamist George Joseph Smith.  I won’t bore you with the details, but if your interested in the real story there is a link here
The story behind this film … Arthur Howell was hired to shoot a musical version of the Brides in the Bath story by someone whose name might have been Moscowicz. The details about who wanted this film are sketchy as the notes made at the time were destroyed in a fire. Fortunately the film itself survived. Harry Roy was to have written the music, but he died before shooting started, but the film was shot silent anyway. As Roy died on 1st February 1971, the film must have been shot at some point after this.  Arthur was never paid, so he hung onto the film until he sold it to my contact John W around 1985. He put together the film as best he could, but the film bears very little resemblance to the real story.
So how did I come by this film?  I saw a brief clip ‘June The Newlywed’ on YouTube posted by John and mailed him to ask permission to use the short clip being a June Palmer fan.  John kindly replied saying I could use the clip and then offered me the full film and the history of the film as described above.  Great I thought, an unseen June Palmer film to share, but I nearly fell of my chair when I watched the full version!  Not only does it start June Palmer, but a number of other well known models of that time including Teri Martine, Dawn Grayson, Jayne Tracey and others I have as of yet been unable to identify. The highlights for me?  The Dawn Grayson & June Palmer bath scenes of course!


George (?)

1st Wife (?)

Waitress/Maid (Teri Martine)

Matron? (?)

Mistress/2nd Wife (Dawn Grayson)

For those wanting to skip through things Teri Martine starts at 7 minutes and Dawn Grayson at 17 minutes

So I leave you to enjoy part 1, with part 2 coming soon!  In the meantime can anyone identify the other models or the real name of George?  If so please do let me know?

P.S. If the video fails at any point, do let me know 🙂



Note: This is an original video and subject to this copyright notice.

Who Was Doris Weems?

Back in June I published an article from Caper Magazine on ‘Ewhurst Manor’ and the owners, but noticed that the first page seemed to be missing.  I’ve been on the hunt for it and finally a few weeks ago found a full version of Caper Vol.9 No.4 from July 1963, which included the full article, result! I now have the first page, which is included below, but it got me thinking, who is the woman taking the photo?
Sad as it may sound I was able to identify Jayne Tracey from the rear view, but the woman taking the photo in this shot made me curious.  She also partly appears in a second shot from the same article, again with JT modelling.
Having dug around I found a further two photographs that appear to be taken at the same time at Ewhurst, but this time in colour.
With these two photographs was a name … Doris Weems, which is new to meI’ve tried to find out more about her, but as of yet come up blank.  So, who was Doris Weems and what was her relationship to Harrison Marks or to Ewhurst itself?
If anyone can shed some further light on this question please do let me know?