A Shipwrecked June (Original)

An original image scanned directly from the negative of June posing on driftwood, which is a still from the glamour film ‘Castaway’. Castaway was Strobe Film No.2  which came in both Colour & Black & White and was produced by Arthur Howell. This image comes from midway through the film with June adrift on the sea before waking to see a shoreline, where she then lays down her towel and strips off to enjoy the sun.  Which is what we all would of course do having been shipwrecked, but then it is June and any excuse to get naked.

A great shot from the film and I must post the film soon as I do have a colour copy, if a little faded.


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June Palmer by Itsgardin – 1980 (Original)

Yesterday I posted these images of June that I found via Tumblr posted by user Itsgardin, wondering if they were originals and taken by him. Well Itsgardin has contacted me and yes they were taken by him along with the one above, that was taken at Strobe Studios in 1980. What a great teasing shot of June as she drops her jeans!

Apparently Itsgardin has been a big fan of June Palmer for many years and is also a fan of this site and took photographs of June over a period of 12 years from 1975 until 1987 when she retired even for her most ardent fans. He has about 6500 photographs (wow!) of her over this period and has only just started publishing them.

A big thank you to Itsgardin for sharing these unseen images of June during that period and also allowing me to publish them on this site and I can’t wait to see more of those 6500 shots of June 🙂