Maria Hale – Rear End Up! (1958)

The delicious rear of Maria Hale sticking up in the air from Kamera No.7 (1958). One of four shots of Ms Hale posing nude in various positions on the leopard skin rugs from this edition and my favourite. It must be something to do with that nice round bum sticking up in the air and the way she’s looking at the camera!

Backstage Beauties – Maria Hale & Jean Spaul (1959)

Another double delight of beauties, this time Jean Spaul (Sporle) and Maria Hale from the 1959 special Kamera Backstage. Both Jean and Maria appear through-out this special, but more-so Maria both as herself (short dark hair) and predominately as Madeleine Mado (long blonde wig).

Maria Hale – A Perfectly Pert Pose (1958)

Maria Hale in a kneeling pose showing off her curves and small perfectly pert tits from Kamera No.8 (1958).  The more I see of Maria Hale as herself with short dark hair the more I like her like this rather than her other alias Madeleine Mado. Normally I’m a blonde man, but these shots work better for her.

Kamera Backstage – Act VI Three Stunning Blondes

I finally have a copy of Kamera Backstage thanks to Yak over on the official Pamela Green site who sent me a copy. I love this 64 page special produced by Harrison Marks in 1959 and this image is a fine example of why I love it so much! 

The stunning figures of Pamela Green, Mary Deighan and Madeleine Mado, better known as Maria Hale without the long blonde wig.  All tastefully posed and lit in the wings or side stage.