June Palmer – A Very Warming View! (Original)

A great fireside shot of June posing at Ewhurst Manor in the drawing/reception room and the fireplace can also just be seen in this shot with Tina Madison. A very busy shot with the rug and all the fireplace paraphernalia in the background, but not enough to distract from the lovely June. Thanks to Kevin who recently sold this original negative over on eBay, but kindly shared a copy with me beforehand.

Georgette Gautier & The Devil!

An original unretouched medium format negative scan Georgette Gautier (Terry Maloney) by Harrison Marks. Posing on the loft set with various props including the (red) devils head that has appeared in various other shots and locations. This shot also shows a little appendectomy scar that would possible be retouched out for publishing and what a fabulous chest this woman had! Thanks to Kevin for sending through this cracking shot.

Lorraine Burnett Dominating a Sofa!

(Source: Pinupmemories)

Another Lorraine Burnett image but this one is a bit special as it’s an original, but not one of mine but from Pinupmemories.  I love the way Lorraine is stood with one foot on the sofa in those red high heels.  I’ve restored the colours as much as I can from the version over on Pinupmemories, but there seems to be a lot of pink in the shot anyway!  I love the red high heels, but not sure about the blonde wig!

A big thanks to Kevin over on Pinupmemories for allowing me to use this shot and to remove the watermark and do take a look at his great vintage blog.