Diane Webber Coloured

A classic pose from Diane Webber in a chair With the original black and white shot coloured by Oldiznewagain from over on Tumblr.  I’m not a big fan of originals being colour as they can look messy and badly coloured, but oldiznewagain does a fantastic job that doesn’t detract from the original, so go take a look at his wonderful work!

Kamera No.44 Cover & Partial Contents

 Kamera No.44 Cover Featuring From Back to Front, Jackie Salt, Angela Jones & Petrina Forsythe

 Posing on the Beach – (Left to Right) Bridget Leonard, Jackie Salt, Pamela Green, Angela Jones & Petrina Forsythe

Bridget Leonard

Angela Jones

Brenda Graham?

Ann Walker

 Jackie Salt’s Lovely Bum & Angela Jones Between Her Legs! This Shot Also Appears in The Harrison Marks Book ‘She Walks in Beauty’ (Page 21)

Posing Legs Apart on The Beach – (Front to Back) Pamela Green, Jackie Salt, Angela Jones, Petrina Forsythe & Bridget Leonard