Doris Hurst – They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To! (Original)

The stunning elegance of 1950’s model Doris Hurst and I’ve come across two copies of this same print from two different sources, so again obviously printed multiple times back then for distribution. This crisp clear copy comes from Girlymag and needed very little in the way of restoring/editing doing to it, but shows off Doris’s fine assets at their very best!

I don’t know why but Doris seems to come across a lot older than she probably was, something to do with the hair style back then? I bet she wasn’t much older than her 20’s though at a guess, but I’ve never a good judge at ages!


Note: This image is original and subject to this copyright notice

Sylvana’s Perfectly Placed Ball! (Original)

A restored print from Oxxbridge Galleries of the stunning Sylvana Manto as she poses with a strategically placed beach ball. this seems to be a later shot of Sylvana than some I have posted in the past.


Note: This image is original and subject to this copyright notice

Gloria’s Balancing Act! (Original)

A lack of posts this week due to being spaced out on drugs with a very bad back, but one to keep you going and definitely something I couldn’t do at the moment! Gloria Lomax balancing on the top of the sofa in black stockings and white panties and from the same set as this shot.

Virginia Green – When All You Need Is Earrings! (1950’s)

She me be naked or topless, but Virginia Green has a cracking pair of earrings on, so that makes everything OK 🙂 and to be honest it works! Back in the 1950’s and 60’s the models just seemed to look that bit more elegant or classy as they posed naked with their gloves or jewels on than they do today.

I love this shot of Virginia, as it looks as though she’s been out for the evening and then just stripped off leaving her hair up and earrings in place, and why not 🙂

June’s Cheeky Sofa Rear!

Ah the ‘Casting Couch’ as I call it makes another appearance, this time with June Russell posing on it for the lucky cameraman. I’ve posted a couple of June on this couch before here, but she must have had several wardrobe changes, as some she has gloves, panties and some nothing 🙂 This one gives us a cracking view of June’s round arse with the black panties pulled up to reveal as much of it as possible without them being removed.