Unknown Classic Beauty (1950’s)

Another unknown classic beauty by Harrison Marks with a stunning figure and a rather nice set of tits! This model although unknown does seem to have appeared multiple times throughout early GHM photo sets advertised in the Harrison Marks Glamour Guide and Kamera.

She appears twice in Kamera No.1 & No.2 and once in Kamera No.3 & No.5 all in 1957. Similar images of her are also reproduced as sets of 5 glossy 5½ by 3½ prints in the Harrison Marks Glamour Guide under set numbers 310 to 312, 329 to 332 and No.354. You could also see her in several stereoscopic sets from No.1 -7 and No.42 – 45, again ordered via the HM Glamour Guide for the princely sum of ten shillings.

The above shot seems to be one of the 5 shots from set No.311 and I also have partial sets of No.329 and No.354. A stunning woman that seems to have only appeared for a brief period in 1957, but again I have no idea as to whom she is? Yet another glorious body to add to the unknown model list!

Mysterious Perky Blonde by Harrison Marks

A very attractive and perky unknown model posing for Harrison Marks from a restored silver gelatin print. I know it’s by Harrison Marks as the background has the very familiar daisy/star wallpaper that is seem in many of his early prints, but the model is new to me. Anyone able to identify her as I’d love to find out more about her and if any more prints exist? She doesn’t even seem to appear in the first Harrison Marks Glamour Guide, which listed all of his early photo sets, so I have no idea! I’ve added her to the growing list on my unknown models page here as well.

Hilde Beck – Letting Her Hair Down!

Hilde Beck or Hyldagarde as she was named when she posed for Harrison Marks leeting her hair down from the pages of Carnival magazine, date unknown. There seem to be very few images of Hilde in colour apart from the odd magazine appearance, in fact the only real sets of her are in black and white by Harrison Marks taken on the Pharaohs set or a bedroom shoot with her on the bed. Surely there must be more colour shots of this busty beauty out there?

Ann Austin – Bursting At The Seams! (Original)

This shot of Ann Austin just blows me away, as I find it very stimulating for some reason! I think it’s the pose and the fact her ample bosom is about to burst out of that very small looking bra. Add in the hourglass waist and how those panties are pulled tight into her hips and Ann isn’t the only one bursting at the seams! Her ample bosom and fuller curvy figure is one of the reasons she was so popular back then and still is to many of us today!

Update: There is also a copyright stamp on the back of this shot of Ann that indicates the photo was taken by Serge Jacques 🙂

Lorraine Burnett – A Beautiful Set! (Original)

A restored print of Lorraine Burnett showing of a beautiful set of pearls, as well as offering up her other fine assets! Lorraine looks very elegant and you can just see the thigh and leg of one fancy stocking in the shot as well. I love this shot of Lorraine and refrained from making the usual comments about a pearl necklace (slang), but it sure crossed my mind with her posed like that!