Caron Gardiner – Uncensored & Exposed


A more explicit shot of Caron Gardiner than we are normally used to seeing, wearing nothing more than black high heels! Taken from an original colour 35mm slide, but unfortunately the colour had degraded so badly I have to convert it to black & white to recover it! The slide was dated September, 1962, but photographer remains unknown. Interesting grooming style Caron is sporting in the pubic region with some hair, but kept trimmed and very low down, not that I’m any expert on hair styles in that area!

Karen O’Sullivan & Friend – Staircase Strip (1965)

Karen O’Sullivan & Friend stripping whilst posing around an old house, restored from two 35mm slides from November 1965. I just love the top pose and the figures of these two lovely ladies, such wonderful curves! Restored from two 35mm slides dated 13th November, 1965

A Nude 1950’s June (Original)

Two shots of a young June in front of the same background (Curtains?) from the late 1950’s, one with white frilly panties and one sans panties, but tastefully posed top protect her modesty. Both are originals with one coming from the great John W archive and one from an original colour negative, but so badly damaged I converted it to black and white.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

The Glistening Body of Della Fox

Two more shots of the wonderfully oiled body of Della Fox from this set. Again restored from some 35mm slides, but unfortunately the colour of these two had faded so badly I couldn’t recover the colour so turned them black and white, which works equally as well! 

These slides along with the others in the set have Della’s name written on the slide, along with the date, March 1963, but no clue as to the photographer.

The Kinky Boots of Paula King!

This one is a strange shot of Paula King balancing on a tatty old armchair in brown leather boots and stockings.  It was restored from an old 35mm slide with her name and the date 13th November, 1965 written on it in pencil. I don’t know if this was an out-take, but she’s sure having a laugh about something! Also a hint of pussy showing, but not much!