Site Update

I’ve been tweaking things on the site over the last few weeks, nothing major just little additions, changes and updates.  So if your interested here they are:

  1. Pamela Green Page – Started adding links to the magazines she appeared in that I have published (Still on-going).
  2. Added links to The Just June & Kamera Club pages on Google+ to the sidebar if you hadn’t already noticed.
  3. June Palmer Page – Started adding links to the magazines she appeared in that I have published.  Split out her images into 6 distinct areas; All JP Images, An Older June, June Covers, JP Originals, JP as Joanna Kent (I had loads now!) and JP Video’s.
  4. Added a link ‘It’s a 3D World’ on the sidebar for my ever growing list of 3D images.
  5. Removed the top 5 posts as these were always the same! June, Pamela, Other models etc.
  6. Added The June Image above as a background to the Blog title 🙂
  7. I now own and .com, so all paths lead to here.  

Things still to do:
  1. Deciding on the content of my 500th post 🙂
  2. Update the models page with missing models.
  3. Add a unknown models page/post.
  4. A ‘Where are they now?’ post – Who’s still around from the models and doing what.
  5. Add a filmography page – Films of GHM etc that can be published without infringing things, plus glamour film listings etc.
  6. Try and edit the 1000’s of images I still have!
  7. Get a life & some sleep!

Any feedback or suggestions on ways to improve the current content or new ideas is always welcome.