June on Glass – Strike a Pose! (Original)

The sixth shot from the set of images taken of June in the studio on glass photographic plates (12th August, 1960). This wonderful shot shows June sat striking a pose very similar to the ‘Vogue’ shot by Madonna, but with even less clothes on! Another very clean, crisp uncensored shot of June and I never tire of this set of images of her, with more still to come.


Marie Claire – Top & Tail (1968)

A double whammy of Marie Claire showing us top and tail views of her body from Kamera No.70 P42 (1966) as she lays amongst the record covers with a gramophone in the background. A great front view of her body and equally good view of her tanned back view and white bottom.


Not Your Average Cindy Doll! (1968)

Cindy Neal posing on the Kitchen set from Kamera No.88 P3 (1968) and looking very nice too! As the title says not your average Cindy doll, although if anyone has ever seen a Cindy the nether regions look very similar to the retouched version of this shot 🙂


Pat Davis – Puffed Perfection (1959)

I’ve seen this image doing the rounds on the Internet before, but not as good quality as this shot. This shot originally comes from Kamera No.19 P21 (1959) and is a wonderful close up of Pat’s particularly large puff areloa, which she seems happy to show off.


Hanna Viek – Leather Seat Squeeze! (Original)

A third shot from the set of Hanna Viek posing in a leather armchair which I thought I’d already posted, but on checking I missed this one 🙂 Still another great shot of Hanna as she reclines in the armchair and gives one of her sumptuous boobs a good squeeze.