June Palmer The Newlywed (Video Clip)

Another great little find over on YouTube from John W  The Clip is of June Palmer in a short extract from the never finished epic “Brides in the Bath”, shot by June’s then husband Arthur Howell.
Summary: George finds that being married to Margaret is not what he thought it would be as he has several attempts at getting amorous with Margaret, all ending in failure!  In a brilliant piece of casting June plays the dowdy middle-aged spinster Margaret Elizabeth Lofty, who remains clothed (Just!) throughout despite George ‘s best efforts!

As John on his summary says – I think Palmerphiles round the world would like this clip, which has never been seen since it was shot, I think in 1971.

Dawn Grayson – Latest on a Lovely Lady

Following on from my post ‘Well I Never Knew That!’ that reveals the real name of the gorgeous Dawn Grayson, plus comments that she went to America, I found this little set from Spick No.232, dated March 1973.  As well as featuring several photographs of DG posing in various stages of undress to expose her stockings and underwear, it also gave an update on her whereaboutsAccording to the short text DG moved to America with her husband a year before this article, as he had a highly paid position in electronicsSo that would mean they moved to America in early 1972, where she continued her modelling and blossoming film career?
I wonder what happened beyond that point?  Anyway as I find these little titbits I’ll add them to her profile page, but with a discretionary word of caution that these magazines liked to embellish on the truth when it came to the details of the modelsSo, believe what you will!